since 2020

We offer comprehensive end-to-end services that encompass the full spectrum of digital solutions, geared to meet the needs of the modern web, mobile, and cloud computing spaces


Our Mission

Our mission is to materialize innovative concepts into user-centric experiences, powered by cutting-edge technology and market insight, tailored to propel our clients ahead in the digital era


Our Vision

Our team is equipped with the latest tools and methodologies to bring your vision to life, ensuring a seamless and captivating experience for your end users


The journey of our company


Journey started

AloTech emerges as a vibrant ensemble of seasoned professionals hailing from industry behemoths like Alibaba, Baidu, and ByteDance

Food compliance system released

The first food compliance system in China aims to reduce compliance risks and improve compliance efficiency for the food industry.



Smart tour guide system released

Our smart tour guide system brings users a brand new travel experience. Not only does it feature hand-drawn maps that adhere to the theme of the travel destination, but it also includes intelligent commentary on various attractions.

The Hazardous chemicals management system released.

We have significantly reduced the risks and hidden dangers associated with the transportation, management, and storage of hazardous chemicals by integrating blockchain technology and AI for early warning.



The self-developed e-commerce system released.

Combining both domestic and international e-commerce environments, we have launched our self-developed e-commerce system, which includes a variety of digital marketing functions.

LiaoRu AI released

Liaoru AI aims to lower the barriers for users to utilize AI, allowing customers to create AI applications that meet their own needs through simple drag-and-drop actions.